The Country Guys

Runs in the family!

Their collective monthly column in The Countryman's Weekly is just one of various outlets for that collective passion, knowledge and experience which all three are keen to keep sharing and passing on to others.

You will find tales from their time in the country, both collectively and individually, snippets of natural history, tasters of wild food, insights into conservation, threats to well loved species, deer management experiences, tools of the trade, and inevitably, the occasional frustration at not having as much time to do the above as would be preferable. 

The Country Guys is a family affair, a Guy family hobby.


A father and son(s) trio who share a love for and fascination with the natural world, the great outdoors, the countryside - call it what you will.


Martin Guy instilled this enthusiasm in his sons Geoff and Richard, and all three of them now share the drive to share that appreciation with others. Over a number of ways now that passion has been shared, passed on, through various endeavours and efforts. And will continue to be shared no doubt.   

Like Father, like sons.

Martin - Father & Grandfather

Has spent many years helping to foster a love of nature and the great outdoors and nature in the younger generations. Geoff and Richard are just 2 of his 7 children, and the grandchildren are now into double figures too. 


Always fascinated by the natural world; family walks, ornithology, deer management and stalking provide regular opportunities to keep enjoying it and learning about it. As do the rare treats when he gets his fly fishing rod out.


Rarely passing up an opportunity to be out of doors, day or night Martin loves nothing more (except his family!) than recording his love of the countryside in pictures, blogs and articles.

Geoff - Son, Brother & Father

An experienced educator, Geoff has worked in the countryside management and outdoor education sectors his whole career, specialising in teaching game, wildlife and countryside management. He has also taught at and managed environmental education centers and is an experienced bushcraft practitioner and instructor.


Geoff has worked extensively with schools, the Institute for Outdoor learning, Duke of Edinburgh Award groups and others where his expertise in wild food, bow drill fire lighting, traditional countryside skills, trapping, tracking and ecology has provided a rare opportunity for the next generation of outdoors men and women to start developing these largely lost skills.

Personally Geoff passes these skills on to his own children whenever the opportunity arises, and for some years has also shared his knowledge and experience through his blog -

Richard - Son, Brother & Father

The 'Wild Guy' of this host site. Having loved the great outdoors from childhood, Richard decided a career that enabled him to keep on loving it professionally seemed like a good plan. He has spent most of his career since studying Conservation and Ecology at University working on habitat restoration projects.


Ranging from personal projects to multi-million pound projects, from single sites to landscape scale, from doing the hands on work up to project management roles and covering habitats from ancient woodland, through moorland and blanket bog, to rivers and wetlands and most recently urban habitats, he has a pretty good handle on habitat restoration by now, and his current day job is as a Project Manager for a Wildlife Trust. 

Alongside the day job Richard enjoys spending time outdoors with his own young family; taking photos, days in the woods, kayaking, hiking, wild camping, bushcraft, foraging the list goes on. You can read more elsewhere on this site. 

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