Oh dear...

Well, this blog is thrilling isn't it... I've tried blogging several times over the last few years and I've never had much success. For the last few months this attempt has panned out pretty similarly. But I'm pretty sure I know why. I take it far too seriously! This explains the lack of posts since LAST YEAR! (Oh my goodness, that really is pathetic isn't it - 4 1/2 months since the last entry, talk about procrastination!)

I think of things to write about but then spend all my time thinking about precisely what to write, how to write it, what funny quips or thinly veiled sarcasm I could throw in there to add a bit of humour, how to make myself more eloquent than I actually am and so on and so forth. Then, before I know it, the moment has gone, it's not relevant anymore and the whole idea slips by without any recognition, which is a shame because some of them were really good ideas (I say with great humility).

SO - this is simply an announcement to no-one in particular that I shall be trying to take myself far less seriously in this setting from now on, which hopefully means there will actually be some posts even if they are shorter, less well written, have less well formed ideas (and so on etc etc) than the ones I never wrote at all! And in the vein of taking things less seriously, here is a photo of a duck, just because...

A duck, just because....

This is also likely to mark the start of a slight change of emphasis on the photo's I take, or at least the inclusion of a major new element to the content - ADVENTURE!

Why? Well why not? And because it's cool, and because taking pictures of adventures gives me an excuse to go on some. But most of all because to me the natural world is all about adventure, that is why when we get down to the root cause I started following the career path I have chosen. And let's face it, who doesn't want to get out and see more of the awe inspiring spectacles Mother Nature has provided for us to enjoy?

Hope you enjoyed the duck!


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