Tales of a Wild Guy

Wild Guy ... ?

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I accept, 'Wild Guy' is a bit cheesy, but it is probably more memorable and market-able (is that a word?) than Richard Guy.


It also gives you - thank you for visiting this site by the way - an idea of what you can expect to find on these pages: wildness. 

I've always loved the natural world, the great outdoors, nature, adventure, call it what you will. I enjoyed hiking and photography, starry nights and campfires, snow ball fights and snorkelling, bird watching and canoeing, tree climbing and chain saws, hunting and gathering - if it involved being out of doors and away from city streets and soul-less urbanisation, I probably enjoyed it. And still do.  

It took me a long time to figure out what the common denominator was in all those things. But! I eventually pinned it down to WILDNESS. Hence ...

... Wild Guy. 

About me

Raised as a country boy but predominantly living in town, it was probably inevitable that I would end up looking for opportunities to "get outside." Luckily my parents encouraged my enjoyment of the great outdoors, and as one of 7 children with a close knit group of cousins, ADVENTURE companions were not in short supply! 


My career plans as a youngster were focused on being a pilot, but financial realities made me re-think. The obvious back up was to work in another field I had always loved: ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION.

There are no huge adventures in my back ground - no defining moments or significant feats. Just years of appreciation for wild places, the wild species which live in them, and being out amongst them. Perhaps there are no great adventures in my future either - or perhaps there are! - but there will be plenty of wildness!


I've always enjoyed SHARING my wild experiences too, whether that is with my own FAMILY, through PHOTOGRAPHY or my BLOG and other WRITING opportunities. I already share some of that appreciation for wildness as part of my day job, but the more the better!

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